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Connect wall reader
Connect wall reader
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Connect wall reader
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Connect wall reader
Wall Mounted Connect V2 WiFi/RFID/On-Line reader
ref.: 2F16002
Weight: 0.5Kg
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RFID proximity card wall reader, which adopts a minimalist design that allows its application in different styles and atmospheres.

The ability to work either ON-LINE or OFF-LINE mode, combined with the powerful management software Connect, makes this system a full application access control system.


- RFID module, ISO 14443A (Mifare), with reading range up to 4 cm;
- Battery: external power supply 12V DC;
- Maximum number of users per door: 65.000;
- Maximum number of doors per system: 1535;
- Maximum number of registered events in the unit: 504 (OFF-LINE mode);
- Number of schedules: 1 (per user);
- Number of access periods: 2 (per user);
- Common areas: 65.000;
- Users groups: unlimited;
- Relay capable to actuate electric strike DC 12V / 1A;
- Capable to actuate other devices such as electric drop bolt or magnetic lock;
- Alternative opening through external button (NO), with time control;
- Can receive information from door opening sensor;
- Protection class: IP54 (protection against dust and splashing water in all directions).



- Outdoor application;
- RFID identification technology – Proximity (without contact);
- Low power supply (12V DC);
- Free passage mode (doors maintain open allowing free movement);
- Record LOG events in non-volatile memory;
- Able to audit and configure through wireless network (ON-LINE version) or with
  Programming Cards;
- Easy and intuitive access control software, for Windows®, with SQL database,
  multi-user support and available in several languages;
- Allows integration with several PMS systems for an easier guest card issuing and
  with POS systems, for client identification;
- Compatible with Connect software.

Connect wall reader - Full line
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