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Connect System
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Connect System
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Connect System
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Connect is a global data transmission system. All the installed units can be managed simultaneously, allowing user identification in controlled areas. The information can be obtained in real time, allowing an immediate and comfortable management

The hardware components required to connect the system, are installed either inside or outside the door (using a wall reader), depending on the situation.

Software built on a Windows® platform with a simple and intuitive utilization. A full control of the entire system, allowing configuration of door units and wall readers, as to a complete card management, enabling to add new cards and even send remote door opening orders. Possibility of having several reception stations and integration with different systems, including Micros FIDELIO, Newhotel, HOST, SIHOT, Protel, WinTouch and others. Creation of customized reports, organized by different criteria such as the date of events and types of cards per user and door.

  What is it?

  More than an online access control
  system, it’s a global information
  system of the building, that allows
  to manage and control the access
  of all doors, access points, and to
  identify persons while using
  structures, equipments or services,
  in real time.


  What is it for?

  Its main goal is to ensure, in real
  time, an effectiveness management
  of access’s, flows and consumptions
  inside the building, for both guests,
  visitors and employees, generating
  important and fundamental management
  information sources and data. It also
  allows a central management of various


  How it works?

  Each door, access point and records
  are connected to the main server,
  allowing a bi-directional
  communication with each element.
  This way, it’s possible to send
  commands and instantaneously
  receive all available information’s
  from the system.


  For whom is it?

    - Hotels
    - Offices
    - Retirement homes
    - Senior hotels
    - Hospitals
    - Educational establishments

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