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Smart System
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Smart System
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Smart System
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SMART is an OFF-LINE access control system, that allows to individually manage the access control units, using a Portable Unit (PDA) or through Programming Cards. The collected information from units is then transferred to the main server. This system also allows the use of ON-LINE wall readers, for time & attendance control.

   - Software built on a Windows® platform with a simple and intuitive utilization.
   - Allows the configuration of door units and wall readers, and an efficient management of the cards in use.
   - Possibility of having several reception stations and integration with different systems, including Micros FIDELIO,
     Newhotel, HOST, SIHOT, Protel, WinTouch and others. Creation of customized reports, organized by different
     criteria such as the date of events and types of cards per user and door.

    - Time & attendance is made in real-time, with the visualization of the active users/cards status on the system.
    - Allows the remote update of the information of cards in use (automatic cancelling, new credentials), through the ON-LINE wall readers.

  Interface POS

  Identifies the customers through its
  access control card, in the POS
  terminals (Point-of-sale), charging
  directly the customers account.

  In a hotel, for example, it’s possible to
  associate each guest consumptions, in
  a cash-free system.

  The licence for POS integration is


  Interface PMS

  Allows to issue access cards, directly on the
  Front-office terminal of the PMS (Property
  Management System).

  The time to Check-in is reduced and
  eliminates the possibility of data
  introduction errors.

  CIFIAL has integration protocols with
  several hotel management software’s:
  Micros FIDELIO, Newhotel, HOST,
  SIHOT, Protel, WinTouch and others.

  The licence for PMS integration is optional.


  Encriptação de cartões

  For security reasons, the RFID cards
  supplied by CIFIAL have encryption
  keys to avoid unauthorized copies.

  If for any reason, cards have to be
  acquired from other suppliers, CIFIAL
  provides a solution to format and
  encrypt those cards, through the
  acquisition of “EncryptCard” software


  Licença multiposto

  In order to increase cards issuing
  capacity, a multi station software
  licence is available, which allows to
  install CIFIAL access control software
  in several terminals, in same network,
  sharing the database.

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