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ref.: 2F07022-XXX
Acess Control DS100 Pin-Code/Off-Line/handle Drop A with plate rh.
ref.: 2F07023-XXX
Acess Control DS100 Pin-Code/Off-Line/handle Drop A with plate lh.
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The DS100 is available in ON-LINE and OFF-LINE versions.

Designed for modern architecture, its elegance provides each atmosphere a touch of exclusivity.

In the DS100 the attribution of access is made through a simple personal code, typing on a keyboard, and allows different levels of permissions.


- Variable PIN length (4 to 12 digits);
- Virtually endless number of codes in use;
- Passage mode (free pass) and temporary user block mode;
- Low consumption, operated by batteries;
- Low battery indicator;
- PIN codes with validity up to 1 minute;
- Cancellation of PIN codes in use, without the need to go to the site;
- Remote change of credentials (access doors, validity) of PIN codes in use;
- Possibility to open common doors, using the same code for house/room access;
- Use of different PIN codes for several guests, sharing same house/room;
- Ability to restrict PIN codes for certain periods of time (hours);
- Creation of PIN codes can be done manually or automatically by the system
- Record and event monitoring in real time, without need to go to site;
- Number of LOG records virtually endless;
- Possibility to open door remotely, using a PC, Tablet or Smartphone;
- Possibility to integrate with other systems (PMS, home automation, fire detection,
- Low power RF module, for online communication with PC server;
- Compatible with Pincode software.



- Variable PIN length (4 to 12 digits);
- 4 digits PIN;
- Non-volatile memory with a capacity up to 80 PIN numbers;
- Block mode disable all users via a Master PIN code. Can disable temporarily all
  accesses without loss of PIN’s;
- Passage mode (free pass);
- Low consumption: automatic standby mode, up to 40.000 operations or 3 years
  with a set of batteries;
- Low battery indicator;
- Programing modes:
     - Program mode is triggered by introduction of master PIN;
     - Allows the insertion and remove of user codes;
     - Allows to change the Master PIN;
     - Enable passage mode;
     - Block all users.


- Silent and reliable clutch operated mechanism;
- When inserting a valid PIN, the door will remain unlocked for a period of 5 seconds, after which it will lock automatically;
- If the entering of a PIN is interrupted, the system will automatically cancel the operation in order to avoid incorrect PIN inputs;
- Audio and visual (red and green LED’s) indication of the operations.

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