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ref.: 2F08056DXXX
Acess Control EL300 RFID/Off-Line/handle CN11 with rosette rh.
ref.: 2F08056EXXX
Acess Control EL300 RFID/Off-Line/handle CN11 with rosette lh.
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The minimalist design allows the EL300 to reduce the visual impact of the proximity reader, inspired by the need to provide ON-LINE solution.

This new electronic lock presents a simplified assembly, without the need for complex wiring power, available in ON-LINE and OFF-LINE versions.


- RFID module, ISO 14443A (Mifare), with reading range up to 4 cm;
- Battery: 5 AA batteries 1.5V;
- Battery duration: over than 10.000 continuous opening cycles;
- Temperature: -10ºC to +55ºC;
- Humidity: of 20% to 93%;
- EN 12209: 2004 certification Class C5, 200.000 cycles;
- Maximum number of users per door: 65.000;
- Maximum number of doors per system: 1535;
- Maximum number of registered events in the lock: 504 (OFF-LINE);
- Number of schedules: 1 (per user);
- Number of access periods: 2 (per user);
- Common areas: 65.000;
- Users groups: without limit;
- Opening mode:
      - Standard (always closed);
      - Passage (free access) / Emergency;
      - Blocked / Unblocked.



- RFID identification technologyProximity (without contact);
- Mechanical lock with anti-panic function (lock can always be open by the interior), with
  anti-vandalism system and with soft latch;
- Applicable on doors with thickness greater than 40mm;
- Simple installation without cables passage to the door;
- Possible opening through an alternative mechanical cylinder (hidden);
- Charge of the batteries monitored on each lock by specified signals (light and sound);
- Free passage mode (doors maintain open allowing free movement);
- Record LOG events to non-volatile memory, including the use of mechanical key;
- Able to audit and configure through wireless network (ON-LINE) or with Programming Cards;
- Easy and intuitive access control software, for Windows®, with SQL database, multi-user
  support and available in several languages;
- Allows integration with several PMS systems for an easier guest card issuing and with POS
  systems, for client identification;
- Compatible with Connect software.

EL300 - Full line
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